Lots of new music surprises. Today and tomorrow.

First up...peep the new one from Zedd with Katy Perry "365". Video is pretty trippy with Katy as Zedd's futuristic love interest. And things don't work out well for one of them. Cool video. And you'll be hearing this on on 97.5 Now FM very soon.

(Credit: Katy Perry via YouTube)

Next up is Halsey's new guy Yungblud. It's actually his song and she's a featured artist. Plus a little help from Travis Barker from Blink 182. Language on this one is a bit spicy but the tune is rockin. Check out "11 Minutes".

(Video: YUNGBLUD via YouTube)

 Plus, Cardi is teasing new music with Bruno for TOMORROW!

(Credit: @iamcardib via Twitter)

And wait...you got room for one more?

How about Bebe Rexha?

(Credit: @BebeRexha via Twitter)



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