You may think I am a little crazy, but I love the smell of leather and the aroma of walking into a shoe repair shop.  I guess it comes from my Uncle Ernie who had a few shoe repair shops when I was a kid.  There were quite a few on Chicago's south side.

We used to hang out there as kids and it was fascinating to us how he fixed shoes. If we helped and were patient he would reward us with some good Italian cooking in the back.  I do remember the clutter and the aggravation he had over folks not picking up their fixed shoes.

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Pick Up Your Shoes Please, Or They Walk Away

Well seems even today some shoe repair shops here in Michigan have the same problem my uncle had even years later.

Many folks forget and some just decide that those shoes were not as important to them and maybe got new ones.  Many shoe stores are so cluttered and their shelves are full because of this. I would Imagine dry cleaners have the same problem.

Like at P and S Shoe Repair in Delta Township. The owner, Susan Anderson, says she's had some of them for 15 years. The problem is Susan says she and other shops can't rid of the shoes because of Michigan's Unclaimed Property Act.


The act, introduced in 1995, says an item is considered abandoned only after three years. While it was created to protect things like unclaimed homes, it also applies to shoes. But a bill put forward by State Rep. Angela Witwer would provide a solution.


The funny thing is Governor Whitmer goes to  P and S and is a customer. So all for House Bill 4994, which would allow shoe repair owners like Anderson to donate unclaimed shoes after 6 months.

What happens If Shoes Are Not Picked Up

It's a great idea and a win, win for everyone if you ask me. Susan says she will take unclaimed shoes to the Goodwill, St. Vincent to help folks less fortunate. very cool.

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