I think I speak for a majority of us out there when I say I don't like bugs. Seeing one causes me to go, "nope," and nearly walk out of the room.

But, there may be one bug here in Michigan that you don't want to get rid of while it's in your home.

Don't Kill This Bug In Your Michigan Home


You might be shocked when I tell you this one, but it's the common house centipede!

The house centipede, with its long, spindly legs and rapid movements, might look like a nightmare straight out of a horror movie. Yet, this creepy crawler could be your home’s unsung hero.

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House centipedes are nature's little exterminators, feasting on the pests that truly cause problems, like cockroaches, spiders, ants, and even termites.

Imagine this: instead of dealing with a cockroach infestation, the house centipede is already on the job, hunting down these unwelcome intruders.


Its venomous forcipules, while harmless to humans, make quick work of its prey. So, while you might feel an instinctual shiver run down your spine at the sight of one, remember that this little creature is helping to keep your home free of far more bothersome pests.

Now, I’m not saying you need to roll out the red carpet for these guys or let them move in rent-free. But, before you reach for the nearest shoe or bug spray, consider that their presence might be a sign of a pest control system that’s working in your favor.

House centipedes prefer to stay hidden and avoid humans, so if you see one, it’s likely doing its best to stay out of your way while keeping the other bugs at bay.

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