If you are thinking about going on a road trip but want to stay in the state then Munising is a good idea. Munising is quite a drive but it is worth it as they have tons of great waterfalls, natural beauty, and attractions.

If you have never been to Munising, it will take about 5.5 hours from Lansing. You will get to cross the Mackinac Bridge and see Mackinac Island so another Michigan attraction to see. When you get to Munising you will notice that most of the town is surrounding the bay, so if you want to swim in Lake Huron you will have to head a little East or West. Munising also has a lot of history all over with shipwrecks in the bay and the Bay Furnace Ruins on shore.

Before you head on a road trip check out my road trip to Munising last summer.  My girlfriend's friend lives up there and wanted to show us around, she also had a pontoon boat so we were able do a little exploring and get some great pictures.

Michigan Road Trip to Munising

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