Apply for a new job. Get movie tickets for applying for that job. And if you get that job, you get to watch movies as part of your job.

You interested?

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Because NCG Cinemas is hiring.

And not just for the theaters here in Lansing but all over the state of Michigan.

NCG Cinema is Now Hiring for ALL MICHIGAN LOCATIONS!

NCG Cinema Michigan Job Fair

Saturday March 13th, 2021


NCG Cinema Lansing

2500 Showtime Drive, Lansing, MI

NCG Cinema Lansing is conveniently located right off of US-127 in the in Eastwood Town Center Shopping Center. (NCG Movies)

More info and the Michigan Job Fair Applicant Information Form is HERE.

Also as an added bonus (and this gig keeps getting better), those who participate in the job fair will receive a free movie pass.

Usually, businesses have been holding VIRTUAL job fairs but this one is IN PERSON.

And some friendly advice. Be on time. Once you submit the application form, they'll email you the details of when to show up. Don't be late.

Dress for success and come prepared. Resumes may not be needed for this one, but knowing you job history will definitely come in handy. Smile. Walk in knowing you could be interviewing for the job and walking out with it the exact same day. Confidence but not cocky.

According to WILX, they are looking to hire about 100 new employees. And all of them won't be here in Lansing. So if you want the best chance at getting a local spot with NCG, you should click HERE and fill out that form NOW.

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