There are a few ideas going around right now about how to play the Big Ten football this year, or next, and my idea is a mix of plans. The first idea I have heard being thrown around, is to play starting after Thanksgiving at indoor stadiums with the season ending January. The first idea would allow players to still play some games, find a Big Ten champion, and get ready for the NFL Draft. The next idea is a new one where the season would start in January or February and end the last week of April. The second idea is being floated around not only for the Big Ten but also for the other conferences which suspended fall sports (Pac 12, Mid American Conference, Mountain West).

My idea for the Big Ten season would be more of the first idea with a little bit of the second plan. Start play the week of Thanksgiving, with games on Friday and Saturday. The games can be played at domes located all over the Midwest like: Ford Field in Detroit, at the dome stadium in Minneapolis, and the dome in Indianapolis. Obviously, you will need to schedule games so they don't conflict with the NFL season, but if the season starts after Thanksgiving there would be about 5 weeks of potential conflicts.

There are 14 teams in the Big Ten, by the way maybe they need to change the name now, with 7 teams in two divisions. Having an odd amount of teams can also create a headache, but that is why you do what the NHL is doing and keep teams in one city to play all of their games with one team having a bye week every week. Every team in the division would play each other with a bye week giving 7 weeks. I would not have the cross over games because that would involve teams traveling again, and that is a headache we don't need in the middle of winter.

Whatever city/dome is chosen for each division is going to be an NFL stadium. College football usually plays games on Saturday and I'd also have that but I'd have games on Friday. I'd have a prime time Friday game and two on Saturday with one at Noon and the other at 7pm. If there is an NFL game at that stadium the next day I'd have the second game on Saturday start at 4pm so it can end earlier and allow for stadium maintenance and cleaning.

The Big Ten title game will happen the weekend of January 29th. This would allow no conflicts with the NFL playoffs as this is the open week before the Super Bowl. The Big Ten can show off on an even bigger stage as we all await the Super Bowl the next week. This will allow for the Big Ten players who want to go in to the NFL Draft two months to get ready.

What do you think should be done? Do you think the Big Ten can play this season? Tell us using the CHAT feature on our app.

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