It's easy to find yourself behind multiple screens at once. Start with the television on in the back ground. Maybe add a laptop and occasional texting and that's three screens right there.

A new Michigan State University study over how this affects snacking habits found that a test group with the most screens in front of them ate the healthiest food.

There was a catch, however.

Researchers put 140 participants into four groups with various amounts of screen interaction.

A group only watched TV, another group watched TV and texted, the third group watched TV, texted and took an online quiz while the fourth group watched TV, texted and online shopped.

The third group ate the most unhealthy food of any of the test groups.

The study authors suggested "stress eating" was probably a factor for that.

Meanwhile, the fourth group who likely was relaxed while surfing the internet and watching TV ate 26% healthier food than unhealthy food.

So just keep in mind, if you're going to snack while on the internet and watching TV, make sure you're doing something you enjoy.

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