Eyebrows were raised when he was appointed "interim" President. And after these comments (and ones he's made in the past on this subject), his critics are wondering how much longer he'll be there. If the interim is going to stick. Or if there will finally be a permanent replacement put in after Simon

He said it Friday in an interview with the Detroit News. And it's a story that's not only making the rounds locally and in the state, but in headlines across the country.

Michigan State University’s interim president said he thinks some of the survivors of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse are “enjoying” their moment in the “spotlight.”

In comments to The Detroit News on Friday, highlighted on Tuesday by Deadspin, MSU interim President John Engler claimed some of Nassar’s victims are enjoying “the awards and recognition” in the wake of speaking out about their assaults. (Huffington Post)

Engler has been critical and received some backlash from other comments he has made in light of the Larry Nassar scandal. These comments are just the latest.

In December, Engler closed a $10 million healing fund originally set aside for counseling and other services for Nassar’s victims. The school redirected that money into an existing $500 million settlement divided among the 332 women who sued the school over Nassar’s abuses. The move would have left dozens of other accusers who were not part of the lawsuit unable to receive financial support for counseling and other mental health services.(Huffington Post)

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