Michigan is giving more access to voters this year who are blind or have severe disabilities. I remember having to go with my grandma to the voting booth all of the time because she had trouble walking. She always loved to go to the polls but every time it would take a while for her to vote, and we weren't allowed to help her while in the booth so it ended up being a two-three hour trip sometimes to the polls.

My grandma is just one example as there are thousands of people who have a severe disability or are blind and face problems voting privately and/or by themselves that others do not. Due to this, the Michigan Bureau of Elections is stepping in to help make voting easier with new technology.

According to WILX, the new technology will help disable Michiganders by having them use assistive technology on their ballots. The other good thing about this is since most people are voting by the mail this year, voters can still use the assistive technology without going to a polling place or a clerk's office. You will be able to use this technology at the clerk's office too but they recommend contacting the office first or making an appointment as COVID restrictions are still going.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said about this new voting technology,

“We have been working towards ensuring better access to voting at home for all voters since I took office last year, and I am pleased this accessible electronic option was in place on the same day that paper absent voter ballots also became available.”

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