After Bottom's Up closed last year the corner of Hamilton and Okemos Road in Okemos has been empty but a new massive development is coming to the area. According to LSJ, there was a meeting of the Meridian Township's Planning Commission for the four corners development in Okemos.

After the meeting on Monday there are a few things that are clearer. For one the proposal by the developer is to demolish all of the buildings in the two blocks bordered by Ardmore Avenue, Okemos Road and Methodist and Clinton streets. Also they want to build seven buildings, six of which will e mixed with residential and commercial. The seven building are planned to have 174 residential units and at least 509 parking spaces. Most of the buildings are proposed at four stories tall. There are issues about building higher because there is a rule in Okemos about buildings being higher than that.

Google Maps
Google Maps


In addition, if you travel through the area often you may want to know if it will have an impact on traffic, and the developer have said that it won't have a huge impact on it as they want people who live there to also shop and stay in the area. With most of the new buildings having commercial space on the first level, the developers are hoping for more shops and stores so it will increase the possibility that people who live there will shop there and not have to drive.

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