The number of women carrying concealed weapons in Michigan has sky rocketed from this past year. According to the Lansing State Journal who cited the Michigan Sate Police department, the number of women carrying a concealed weapon has jumped up 134% in the past year. That's insane. There were 10,862 women who were carrying and then that number transformed in to 25,418. Whoa. Ladies, what's up? What happened that made this spike so significant.

In all fairness, the numbers on men carrying concealed weapons has also rose, but not nearly as much as it did for the women. So are you one of the new 12,000 women in Michigan that are now packing some heat? If you are, let's chat about it. What made you want to take the class and pay to carry around a gun? Safety? Protection? Just curious on such a staggering increase. What a huge number!