Bethany Jablonski went missing late on Tuesday June 14th.  Her parents discovered her gone when they went to wake her for school on Wednesday.  After a two day search, the Corunna teen was found safe in Owosso on Thursday night.
However, reports are surfacing this morning that the teen is missing again, having disappeared from her aunt's apartment in Corunna early this morning, at around 3:30 on Saturday June 18th.
During the first search for Jablonski, ABC12 reported that a friend of the Corunna eight grader's told authorities of a planned early morning rendezvous with Jablonski, but Jablonski to show.  Corunna Police Chief, Nick Chiros, said Jablonski asked the friend to meet her at the Owosso Dollar General store at 3am.
Reports of Bethany's age are conflicting, with most initial reports indicating she is 13 years old.  The new reports say she is 14.  Bethany Jablonski is 5'1 and 110 pounds, has blonde hair, blue eyes and braces.
Anyone with information is urged to call 911.
Bethany is the daughter Tom and Peggy Jablonski, youth pastors at Cornerstone Church of God in Owosso.