The small town of Millington lies in Tuscola County, thirteen miles east of Frankenmuth. It's a pleasant little town to visit, with many cool old buildings still standing downtown, housing new businesses.

But there are a couple of places that are supposedly haunted and has even been checked out by paranormal investigators.....and they're right next door to each other.

The Fairway Discount Store is located right downtown; the building was once a butcher shop which may or may not have anything to do with the reported hauntings going on in there. Employees claim to have experienced disembodied breathing down their necks and stock flying off shelves. When they attempt to wait on a customer, the 'customer' disappears. The basement is off-limits: not because it's store policy, but because nobody wants to go down least alone.

Next door is the Antique Mall, which has been investigated by paranormal professionals.

The store was built in the 1800's and became adjoined with the two structures on either side in the 1890's.

Among the various businesses the building housed in the past 100+ years, it has been a blacksmith’s shop and a five-and-dime store. The more disreputable businesses include a "men's club" and a speakeasy during Prohibition. A waitress mysteriously disappeared from the men's club one night and was never seen again. Some feel she may still be down in the basement, possibly sealed in a wall or buried under cement. Nobody wants to go down in the cellar and it has been sealed off for years.

Another urban legend from around 1940 says a child died due to a fire in the upstairs apartment; his or her ghost is thought to remain there.

When the building was purchased in 2007, the new owner started experiencing weird things right away. She heard a music box playing in one of the upstairs apartment rooms; when she went up to investigate, it stopped and no one was there. She has heard crashing, glass breaking and thuds with no source; there is never anything there, animal or human, that has made these noises.

The furnace room seems to unlock itself, no matter how many times it gets re-locked. One time, she was sitting at a table with friends when a book flew off the shelf and landed behind her; she turned to retrieve the book and noticed the page was open to a title that said "Murder." Is this an attempted message from the woman who disappeared from the men's club all those decades ago?

Check out the pictures below to see the location of Millington and these two buildings. Pay a visit sometime and ask the owners or employees about some of these supernatural occurrences. You just might spend an entire afternoon there!

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