Miley Cyrus unveiled the music video for her song "Mother's Daughter," which not only features a cameo from her mom Tish Cyrus but also celebrates sexuality, diversity and pride.

On Tuesday (July 2), the pop star dropped her provocative video that opens with the words "every woman is a riot" before we see her decked out in red, full-body latex outfit. It then offers messages of empowerment and includes appearances by skateboarder Lacey Baker, trans activist/model Casil McArthur, dancer Amazon Ashley, activist Tydryn Scott, model Vendela and more to honor women of all shapes and sizes.

Watch Miley Cyrus' "Mother's Daughter" music video, below:

Following the release, the 26-year-old also posted photos and inspiring quotes on her Instagram account, each alongside every person who appeared the music video. She shared an image of Melanie Sierra, a.k.a. Mela Murderfeeding a baby to normalize breastfeeding.

She posted a shot of actress Angelina Duplisea to promote body positivity.

She shared another of disabled model Aaron Philip to promote trans rights.

And of course, one of Momma Cyrus—who Miley described as "most badass mom of all f---ing time! "

"Mother's Daughter" is a track off the singer's latest EP, She Is Coming, which is just one of three albums she's going to release later this year.

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