Last month Congress approved a Covid-19 stimulus package signed by President Donald Trump that will give a $300 a week bump to those unemployed caused by the pandemic. Some unemployed Michiganders have already started receiving their $300.  Others have not. As a matter of fact, some Michiganders are not receiving any benefits at all.

The $300 payments were announced by the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency on January 11th, noting that the $300 bump a week is currently only going out to those on the Extended Benefits Program. The stimulus package also covers an extension on the Pandemic Assistance & Emergency Unemployment Compensation programs and the problem is, Michigan hasn't completed the update needed to bring the pay out to its recipients yet.


No time frame has been set for completion of the update but hopefully it will be soon.

“UIA staff have been working nights and weekends to complete the updates as soon as possible,” the UIA said in a news release


Michigan's unemployed are being asked to be patient:

“These workers should rest assured that they will not miss out on any benefits and will receive every dollar they are entitled to once the programs are fully implemented,” said Liza Estlund Olson, acting director of UIA, in a news release.


Recipients will eventually get their owed back pay for their regular benefits from the Pandemic Assistance & Emergency Unemployment Compensation programs plus, the $300, but not until the system becomes updated.

If you're one of Michigan's unemployed, did you get your extra $300 yet or you still waiting for any and all benefits owed?

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