The Ontonagon River which flows through the Western Upper Peninsula will be featured on a 2019 United States Postal Service stamp.

The stamp is part of a release celebrating Wild and Scenic Rivers. According to the Postal Service:

This issuance celebrates Wild and Scenic Rivers — exceptional American streams that run freely through natural landscapes without man-made alterations. The pane of a dozen different designs features photographs that represent the more than 200 rivers or river segments designated within the Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

There are 12 different rivers that will be featured on the stamps. There is no release date yet for the stamps.

The main branch of the Ontonagon River flows 25 miles to Lake Superior. There are 4 branches. The river gained the Wild and Scenic River designation in 1992.

The photo used for the stamp is credited to Tim Palmer. Here's how the stamp will look:

ontonagon river stamp
USPS via

Take a look at all of the stamps that will be released by the USPS in 2019 via

If you've never seen the majesty of the Ontonagon, check out this video:

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