Paul LaMere conducted a survey of a quarter million music fans across the country for to determine each state's "Most Distinctive" artist.

To be clear, these are not the most popular or most voted-for artists, but rather, the results were reached by comparing the greatest difference from state to state.

So, for example, Michigan's most popular artist might be Eminem and, say, Indiana's second most popular artist might be Eminem.  Number one to number two -- there's not a whole lot of difference there.

But, again, for example, Michigan's 25th most popular artist might be Katy Perry while she is Indiana's 500th most popular artist.  That is a much bigger difference.

So, you might conclude that these are the artists that best define their state, or are the best representative for their state's unique qualities.  Do you agree with the results?

Check out the results of this fascinating research and decide!