"Tiger King" is over at our house. We finished by watching Episode 7 last night. I have many questions. And - I. Need. Answers. Good news - Michigan's own Jeff Lowe says a bonus episode is coming.

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Love it or hate it, Tiger King, on Netflix is a hit. I have friends who are obsessed with it and friends who have said it's a waste of time. I will concur that it's a lot to take in. My advice (if you have not yet watched) is to push through the madness to the second episode before you bail.

I don't think it's a spoiler to say that "Joe Exotic" - the Tiger King is presently in jail (Joe has been transferred to a federal prison in Fort Worth, TX - and is in quarantine after some of his fellow prisoners tested positive for the coronavirus. Joe himself has NOT tested positive - yet)

But why are some of the other people we met on that show NOT in prison? This past weekend, according to Variety, Jeff Lowe, who apparently used to live in Lansing and the St. Johns area, said a bonus episode was being filmed and would be out sometime this week. Seems like a pretty short turnaround, but I welcome episode 8 and hope it answers some of my questions.

Like, why is Jeff Lowe NOT in prison?

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