Have you, or are ARE you watching Tiger King on Netflix? Allow me to answer. You have or you will. I'm working my way through it. Especially now that the rumors of a Lansing connection are strong.

One of the people you met (or will meet) on Tiger King, is Jeff Lowe. According to Cheatsheet.com, Jeff swooped in and bought the zoo featured in the show - the G.W. Zoo in Oklahoma. And then (spoiler alert) informed on Joe Exotic. But, back in the 80s, did Jeff live in Lansing and/or St. Johns? Reddit and Facebook are buzzing with stories that Jeff went to Eastern High School, where he graduated in 1982 - and also lived in St. Johns for a time. I have no proof, but the information seems solid.

Can you confirm (or deny) the stories? Do you remember him?

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