Dice Road in Saginaw County is fast becoming one of the most haunted roads in Michigan. There are three haunted sites – and possibly more – along this road.

The most obvious is the Dice Road Cemetery. “Within the cemetery on Dice Road in Saginaw County's Richland Township, the apparition of Anna Rhodes Millerton has been seen ever since she committed suicide in 1830. She is said to wander the woods in the area, not aware she is dead, waiting for her lover to come back”. This is the oldest-known ghost to still haunt Michigan.

Check out much more on this haunting HERE.

Then there’s the house heading west down Iva Road.
“In 1974, strange events began happening. The family who lived there experienced loud pounding from within & without the walls, fires that started themselves (including a roll of toilet paper caught fire by itself) and disembodied voices”.

More on that story HERE.

And the third is the old Iva general store, sitting near the corner of Iva and Dice roads. According to The Bay City Times, “In the 1800s and early 1900s, the structure was a post office, general store and a place where farmers would come on Friday nights to listen to the boxing matches on the radio…..the town perished when most of the residents began to die from outbreaks of smallpox, diphtheria and malaria”.

It goes on to say the whole community had to be burned down as a way to fight these plagues…all the buildings and the bodies of the people who died.

And just down the road is a house that stands on the site of an old cemetery…did all the bodies get moved before the house was built?

There are many reports about the hauntings on Dice Road…even films & documentaries about the road have been made. Michigan has more ‘haunted roads’…..Hatchet Man Road, Scripps Road, Milan-Oakville Road, Blood Road, Morrow Road, Denton Road, and Seven Gables Road among them.

Take a drive down any one of these roads some night this fall when the moon is full, the wind is blowing, and the leaves are falling. Turn your music off ‘cause you never know what you’ll hear…

Below are some old atlases showing the location of "Iva" and photos of the Dice Road Cemetery...



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