Michigan is known to have a lot of weird things happen but did you know that Michigan is also known for a huge scientific and space discovery?.........Yeah it's true Michigan is actually known for their discovery of Black Holes in Space! Black Holes were found by University of Michigan researchers using the Hubble telescope in the early 1990s. Now not only are we known for discovering Black Holes, but we also learned that Black Holes is how the universe and the galaxy we live in may have been born. You can see more on Michigan's Black Hole discovery here. 

According to Business Insiders "Biggest Discovery From Every State", Michigan may have one of more famous discoveries because their discovery helped other scientists learn more about the beginnings of our galaxy. Also neighboring states, like Ohio, have nothing on Michigan's scientific discovery as Ohio's biggest scientific discovery is the birthplace of synthetic rubber. Yeah not nearly as cool as finding out about Black Holes.

To see the full list you can check it out here. 

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