According to a new poll by, Michigan's favorite Halloween candy is a staple of Halloween....for some people.

It is expected that $2.7 billion is going to be spent on trick-or-treat candy in 2017, created an interactive map that identifies each state's top three candy choices. The map was made using sales data from 2007 to 2016, focusing on the months leading up to Halloween.

According to the data, Michigan's most-popular Halloween sweet is an old standby (that some people also don't like).... Candy Corn. More than 146,782 pounds are sold each year, according to Skittles (135,982 pounds) and Starburst (87,740 pounds) came in second and third.

But my real question is, Do you actually buy Candy Corn cause you enjoy it on Halloween or cause its the Halloween Candy staple? I'm wondering cause I always talk to more people that dislike Candy Corn, than actually like it.

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