Christmas is almost here, and that means all over TV and streaming channels you'll be seeing Christmas movies. But what is Michigan's favorite? That was asked by the website They surveyed over 4,500 Americans asking them their favorite Christmas movie. Along with asking them their favorite, they asked if "Die Hard was a Christmas Movie," and 40% voted "yes" though most states didn't pick it as their favorite.

But I know you came here for Michigan's favorite Christmas movie, and it is.....A Christmas Story. It's not that shocking considering the movie takes place in a Midwestern town and is shown on TV multiple times every Christmas season. A Christmas Story was chosen as 24 states' favorite Christmas movie, though not in Indiana even though the movie takes place in the state. Anyway, Elf came in 2nd with being a favorite of 11 states and Home Alone came in 3rd with it being 4 states' favorite. In addition, some classics made the list like 4.1% of respondents chose A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as their favorite Christmas movie.

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