We love to see a Michigander thrive, especially on TV.

"Big Brother's" 24th season started Wednesday, July 6th.

A new contestant on the upcoming season of CBS' beloved reality television show, "Big Brother," is representing the state of Michigan.

Taylor's name may be familiar to you. If that is true, it is because Taylor was crowned
Miss Michigan USAMiss Pure Michigan

Each season of Big Brother calls for a different theme. This season's theme, according to host Julie Chen Moonves, matches the summer vibes.




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In an interview with US Weekly, Julie stated that

"Every week throughout the summer, you're going to see different themes, like a music fest, a comedy fest, a renaissance fest. But my personal favorite - I think most people will agree - is going to be the Zing Fest."

However, if you are a longtime fan of the show, Julie hinted that the eliminations will be different from the way they were in previous seasons.

"I think the big headline is [that] the first live eviction night is going to be unlike any eviction night we've ever had because it may not be one of the people that you think that ends up getting bounced that night. These houseguests aren't going to learn of this new twisted twist until that night."

If you are ready to vote for our Miss Michigan 2021, you can watch the first episode here.

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