World records are meant to be broken. Take your pick of a world record you would like to break. If you are looking to break a world record within the state of Michigan, check out the page for Guinness World Records in Michigan.

Any record that is in the book can be broken, no matter where you live. Michigan is home to numerous Guinness World Record titles. What are you good at? I'm sure that you are pretty amazing at something. Is it time to set a new world record?

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I have racked my brain and the one thing I'd like to do is break the record for the longest live broadcast in history without sleep. I can only imagine how slap happy I'd be by the time I set the record, but it would be cool to be the world record holder. That might get me a discount at a local restaurant or something. The title would be worth it.

I was thinking about this and decided to see what records were set in our state. Here are some cool ones I found.

15 Random World Records That Were Set in Michigan

Michigan owns a number of different world records. Some are mainstream and some are really different, maybe a little bizarre. Either way, a world record was set and we're mighty proud of it in the mitten.

What are you good at? What Guinness World Record would you try to break? Drop a message, let's get to work.

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