"How much wood would a woodpecker peck if a woodpecker would love to peck my deck!?"

That's how I have been re-imagining the age-old rhyme ever since we caught a woodpecker pecking not only our 33-year-old deck but also the siding on our house!

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Ever since moving into our new home, I feel like I have been living in a National Geographic documentary. Between all the deer, the crazy amount of turkeys and now woodpeckers, I went from joking about living on a nature preserve to actually believing it.

All of this, though, made me realize I don't know much about Michigan woodpeckers. I did some researching and figured "I can't be the ONLY one who didn't know this, right?"

So here we are, discovering Michigan woodpeckers together.

Why Does a Woodpecker Peck Wood?

As we watch our newfound woodpecker pal through our window, my boyfriend and I got wondering why woodpeckers even peck in the first place? We asked ourselves, "Do they eat the wood?"

No, no they do not.

According to "All About Birds" they do it for a few reasons. One is for nesting purposes, another could be searching for food/insects within the wood or finding a spot to store it all. They also do it to claim their territory and/or try to attract mates. The most interesting part of all, though, they simply just like the sound...which is also why they'll peck non-wood things too.

The Species Specific to Michigan

When you think of woodpeckers, you're probably picturing the colorful kinds with the mohawks and the big beaks. Which, while is (somewhat) the case, there are actually EIGHT species of woodpeckers here in Michigan.

The 8 Species of Woodpeckers You'll Find in Michigan

Did You Know All of This?

Now I don't know about you but I have now learned more about Michigan woodpeckers than I ever thought I would!

I may just be slowly turning into a birdwatcher which I think has something to do with my late grandfather influencing me as he absolutely loved bird watching.

All in all, they truly are fascinating, even if we sometimes have to shoo them away from pecking at our homes!

CLICK HERE to find out more about Michigan woodpeckers from Bird Advisors like how to attract them, what they eat and more.

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