Not only was Michigan the last state to stop this crazy act, but they just stopped in 2017.

(Warning: This story is about sex and prostitution.)

This gives a whole new meaning to Mike Rowe's "Dirty Jobs."  Apparently, law enforcement could legally have sex with prostitutes during an investigation according to Michigan Radio,

Michigan has a law on the books that grants the police immunity from prosecution if they’ve had sex with a prostitute during an investigation.  Michigan is the only remaining state we know of which still grants that immunity, but that might change.

Many people were concerned that this created situations where law enforcement abused human trafficking victims.  This wasn't just a big city problem as a spotlight hit Kalamazoo on this very subject according to Mlive,

It appears such a situation has come up at least once in Michigan, when a Kalamazoo officer engaged in oral sex with a suspected prostitute in 2003 during the course of an investigation.

A bill was passed in December of 2017 that outlawed police having sex with prostitutes in Michigan.

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