Since Michigan restrictions have been lifted, it certainly feels like a breath of fresh air when you think about it.

It has taken all of us over a year and a half to get to this point.  No more wearing masks in the workplace, and no more health screenings to deal with.

Now we're able to do pretty much whatever we like.  Go to a movie theater, go to a Detroit Tigers baseball game, go to a summer concert, and this list could go on and on and on.

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With all said and done, keep in mind that there are recommendations in place vs requirements where you work here in Michigan.

According to

Some of the workplace rules are still required for health care settings.  Employers can keep requiring certain protocols if they choose.  "These updates recognize the great progress we have made in Michigan to contain COVID-19 and the power of vaccinations," Michigan COVID-19 Workplace Safety Director Sean Egan said in a news release.

Most businesses have their own recommendations when it comes to their workplace.  The focus has always been on the safety of all employees during this entire COVID-19 pandemic.

It's very important to follow your employers guidelines when it comes to recommendations once you're back in the workplace with all other co-workers

Here where I work, we no longer wear masks in the building but we do ask people who have not been vaccinated quite yet, to wear them in the building. adds:

Business owners have argued for months that they should be allowed to decide how to keep their employees safe.

Enjoy your summer and continue to follow the best recommendations at your workplace.

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