Michigan State University has confirmed that on November 13, that there was a data breach of a university server that contained sensitive data.

The database, which has over 400,000 records, has a lot of personal data but the data that was breached doesn't contain passwords or financial, academic, contact or health information.

The data breach was caught quickly so only 449 of the 400,000 was confirmed to be accessed by this unauthorized party. The IT team at Michigan State worked quickly with federal and local law enforcement to investigate the case. The school however says they are reaching out directly to all the people who may be affected by the breach to offer free credit monitoring.

MSU Police are asking any current and former students and employees to watch their personal and financial information for potential fraud or incidents of identity theft. They ask anyone who notices suspicious or unauthorized activity to police immediately, referencing MSU Police incident report 1658103881. Questions about the data breach should be directed HERE or call 1-855-231-9331.