The Michigan Secretary of State office announced that they are expanding services for online users, and self service stations.

The pandemic has forced everyone to rethink the way we do business, and the Michigan SOS is no different. They had already started to expand some of the online services before the pandemic, and the self service kiosks have been in place for a while now as well. Coming in mid-March though, both of these options from the SOS office will be getting a welcome expansion.

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Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson talked about the reason for the upgrades in a press release.

We have continuously expanded and improved customer options and service, even during the pandemic, and this upgrade will truly make our operations better than ever

According to the press release, there will also be more self service kiosks placed around the state. There are currently 135 kiosks located in Michigan, and more will be popping up throughout the state this year. In addition to the services already provided at the self service kiosks, the Michigan SOS is adding the following options.

  • Renew a standard or enhanced driver’s license or state ID if no new photo required
  • Request a replacement and print out a temporary license or ID
  • Add a motorcycle endorsement to an eligible driver’s license
  • Sign up on the state’s organ donor registry

The online services are also getting an upgrade. I don't know who needs to hear this, but you can save yourself so much time and hassle by doing SOS business online. This year while everyone was waiting for an available appointment, I took care of everything without ever leaving the house. You should definitely explore the online services that are already offered, and take advantage of the new ones coming below.

  • Renew or replace an enhanced driver’s license or state ID if no new photo required
  • View the status of the requested driver’s license or state ID
  • Request and obtain a driving record
  • Add a motorcycle endorsement to an eligible driver’s license
  • Access streamlined business services

Aside from the online and self service upgrades, there are a few other big improvements being put in place. My favorite is the move toward electronic lien and title program. I recently bought a new car, but could not find the original lien paperwork on the car I was currently driving. I had already paid it off, but without the lien release paperwork, the process became much more complicated. Now instead of trying to track down all of the information, it will all be available online! That will make the process much easier to deal with. You can see the complete list of improvements and upgrades from the Michigan Secretary of State office here.


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