You might to tell your kids that summer might be shorter cause Michigan might start school earlier in the coming years. According to WILX, there are two bills in the Michigan Legislature that would allow schools to begin their school year before Labor Day. The reason for these bills is that hundreds of school districts have applied to the state for permission to start school before Labor Day over the last few years, so since a lot of districts have been asking for it they might be getting it. Another reason why schools have applied to start school earlier is because it will help students with dual-enrollment, which when high school students take college courses. Michigan is one of only three states that doesn't start school before Labor Day.

There are also several reasons for school not starting early and it has to do with tourism. The tourism industry has fought against starting school before Labor Day as they say if kids are not in school, then tourists are spending money in Michigan. Also the state doesn't want school starting in August as the state makes most of it money in the months of July and August.

There is also another bill which allows school districts to start whenever they think is right, but you can see more on the bills and issue here.

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