There's another recall affecting Michigan, and this one you may want to verify that you don't have.

A hand sanitizer is being recalled, after possibly containing a substance that could cause blindness, seizures, comas, even death.

Hand Sanitizer Recall Affecting Michigan

The brand Aruba Aloe Hand Sanitizer Gel Alcohol 80% and Aruba Aloe Alcholada Gel are currently being recalled now, due to them being found to contain methanol.

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Enough methanol exposure can cause issues such as nausea, headaches, vomiting, seizures, as well as permanent damage to the nervous system, even death.

The product can pose danger to those using it on their hands, but accidental ingestion of the product could also cause methanol poisoning.

The specific recall is affecting the following:

  • Aruba Aloe Hand Sanitizer Gel, 12 fl oz (355 mL) dark green plastic bottles with white label reading in part “ARUBA ALOE Hand Sanitizer GEL 80% Alcohol Made in Aruba World’s Finest Aloe”, with barcode 0 82252 03300 5
  • Aruba Aloe Alcoholada Gel (used for pain and itching relief), 2.2 fl oz (65 mL) plastic bottles with barcode 0 82252 34030 1, and 8.5 fl oz (251 mL) plastic bottles with barcode 0 82252 03120 9.

These products were sold and distributed from May 1st of 2021 to October 27th of 2023. You can find more on them here.

What To Do If You Have The Products?

Anyone who does have this specific brand of hand sanitizer affected by the recall is urged to stop use immediatly to avoid any possible negative side effects. The company has also sent a discount copound to those have previously bought their products.

If you or anyone you know have adverse side effects after using the product, are urged to contact their primary healthcare provider.

Questions can also be sent to the company, here. 

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