Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Michigan was just ranked the 10th Drunkest State in America, but who beat us. According to a new study by 24/7 Wall Street, they ranked all of the states by binge drinking stats and excessive drinking by men and women in the state.

About 20 percent of Michigan adults drink to excess, according to the report. That's more than the national average of 18 percent. The Lansing-East Lansing area, is the drunkest, according to the study beating out several other Michigan college cities.

The states that beat Michigan or were "more drunk" than Michigan include Nebraska, Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Montana, Alaska, Wisconsin and North Dakota, which is the drunkest state in the U.S, with about a quarter of the population binge drinking. The states at the bottom of the list or the most sober states are; Tennessee, West Virginia, Utah, Alabama and Mississippi.

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