The video is tough to watch.  Here's another example of how officers put their lives in danger every single day and how a split second decision can make the difference between life and death.  In this case, a smidge of good fortune may have also played a role.

WJRT-TV in Flint reports on Midland County officers that were conducting a traffic stop earlier this week when another driver, an 89 year old man, lost control of his vehicle, left the roadway, skidding around the passenger side of the police cruisers and directly into the car that the officers were investigating.

Neither of the officers was seriously injured, nor was the 89 year old man.  The driver of the car that had been pulled over had been seated in one of the police cruisers and was not directly involved in the crash.  Her car didn't fare so fortunately.

The whole incident was caught on police dash cam.