My boyfriend and his family are all about NASCAR and in turn, I have gotten more and more into it and just last night we were catching up on what exactly was going to be changing as Ford, Chevy, Toyota unveiled their new NASCAR cars today.

We had known for a while that change was coming and actually know a few people who work at the Michigan companies who were working to bring this change along. Just last night we watched this video on just what was changing:

Now, with today's reveal, lets get into it!

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Why The Change?

According to MLive, NASCAR wanted to work with the manufacturers Ford, Chevy and Toyota to make the cars look more like ones on showroom floors, just of course, made more for racing.

“When I look at this race car, it looks exactly like the race car that I can potentially buy on Monday,” NASCAR President Steve Phelps said. “Getting back to our roots, getting back to kind of putting the stock back in stock car will help sell vehicles on Monday.”

But it goes beyond making these vehicles more marketable.

Among the many changes, the way these cars are designed will also make it easier or, as MLive says, make them more compatible, for when NASCAR is ready to transition to hybrid or fully-electric engines.

"NASCAR’s goals for the new car are to improve the racing and bring down costs for teams," MLive reports. "Potentially enticing other manufacturers to join the sport."

When The Cars Will Hit The Track

The current configuration of cars will continue out the rest of the current 2021 season but, oh baby, the 2022 Daytona 500 will definitely be more exciting than usual.

That is when MLive says the Next Generation NASCAR versions of the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and Toyota Camry will be making their debut on the track.

The Michigan Connections

You know with Michigan being home of the Motor City, we had to have had SOMETHING to do with this, right?

For example, MLive says Ford's Dearborn design center was part of some of the development for the new Mustang.

Then there's Roush Advanced Composites in Livonia who are building other various components of the car for the racing teams.

Of course, we also have to give a local company props (and a personal hometown shoutout for me), MLive reports "Jackson-based Technique Chassis will build the base frame for the car."

All in all, NASCAR fans and people who maybe aren't so into it alike can all at least sit back and celebrate the new cars. We can also take great pride in knowing Michigan had our mitten-shaped hand in it!

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