The weekend of August 21st and 22nd, Michigan International Speedway welcomed NASCAR back for the first race in the Mitten since 2020 but this time, fans were welcomed back with open arms!

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What Was Different This Year

Back in 2020, we reported that Michigan International Speedway (MIS) would only be hosting one NASCAR race per season instead of its usual two. The regular June race was axed, leaving us with one weekend at the track in August.

Also in 2020, NASCAR was the first sport to continue on amid the COVID-19 pandemic, though fans were not allowed to attend the tracks in person, there were mask requirements for teams (and subsequent fines for not following) as well as a unique televised event that featured virtual racing where drivers used racing simulators and joined together on iRacing!

It's safe to say when fans were allowed to come back for races in 2021, people like myself and my boyfriend were so excited!

About a week before the August 2021 NASCAR showing at MIS, it was also announced masks would be required in all indoor or enclosed spaces as suggested by the CDC based on the rise in COVID-19 cases and the Delta Variant (CLICK HERE for more on that).

What Getting Back to MIS Looked Like

There, of course, were not as many fans as usual but with an ongoing pandemic, lack of Canadian fans in attendance and other factors, that was somewhat expected.

You could feel the excitement in the air at the track and in Brooklyn in general. As someone who used to work at the Country Market about a mile from the track, a lot of preparation goes into NASCAR weekends but it makes for a great opportunity for local businesses who also have their "Welcome Race Fans" signs hanging proudly.

Around the track and nearby campgrounds there were excited fans everywhere you looked. Some sporting their favorite drivers on their shirts and some wearing no shirts at all!

The fan plaza was full of people, live music filled the air, there were ice cream trucks, merch, sponsors and more.

Then it was time to make our way to where we were watching the race, the Corrigan Oil Co. pit road suite!

NASCAR At Michigan International Speedway From Pit Road Suites

Just Felt Good to be Back

While it's been a busy summer, it felt incredible to be back at one of our favorite places for one of our favorite races.

Sure, I sweat my butt off, but my bellbottom jeans were a real hit!

There was a lot of action, especially getting somewhat of a "behind the scenes" view and being within mere feet of Richard Childress himself.

I can only hope as the world begins to get back to somewhat "normal" more current and future NASCAR fans can discover the joy that is a race weekend at Michigan International Speedway.

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