Here is a subject that everyone knows…but it’s also a subject that is useless to write a history about.

How can you write a history of moms? Moms have been around since the beginning of time. Who was the first mom? Was it Eve? A cavewoman? A dinosaur? Who the heck knows? NOBODY. Sure, there are theories, ideas, speculations…but we will never really know who or what the first mom was.

All we can do is appreciate moms, grandmoms, great-grandmoms, stepmoms…and any other type of mother. Oh my gosh, yes – even mothers-in-law. Mothers-in-law have received a bad rap over the years and unjustly so. Sure, there are mom-in-laws that are pushy, nosy, relentless, pesky, needy…but that number is not as bad as all those standup comedians would make you believe.

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What about real moms? We love ‘em, we bug ‘em, they bug us, they love us. A mother loves you unconditionally. Even the mothers of the worst criminals love their sons and daughters.

You can never win an argument with a mom (ask your dad – he’ll tell ya).

The best place to be is in a mother’s arms, no matter how old you are. People of all ages need their moms for love, support, and sympathy…and a hug from your mom when you need it the most is the best place to the whole world.

Many of us have lost our mothers in one way or another, through death or otherwise. Mine has been gone for most of my life, but I feel she still helps me cope with life, even after losing her over four decades ago. Can mothers really help you after they have left this world? If you believe they can, then they will.

And I do.

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