What would you do if you stumbled upon cash you found stored in something you bought?

Are you keeping it or would you try to find its rightful owner?

A Michigan man was faced with this challenging question after he bought a couch from a secondhand shop and found a pretty big chunk of change in its cushions.

Stumbling upon $43,000

In January 2020, Howard Kirby of Ovid purchased a couch from the Habitat of Humanity ReStore in Owosso for $70 and realized the piece was worth a whole lot more.

After bringing home his new furniture, Kirby took a seat and noticed that something didn't feel right. So he did a little investigating with his daughter and stumbled upon a bunch of cash stashed in the couches cushions.

If you were handed that amount of cash unexpectedly what would you do?

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I think the natural response is to think about what it is you could potentially do with that money and that's exactly what Kirby did.

He thought about how that money would benefit him but told ABC12 that he didn't feel right keeping it because he knew it's owners would benefit from it too.

That's when Kirby reached out to the Habitat of Humanity ReStore to track down the rightful owner.

Read the full story here.

What would you do with the money?

I would've made the same decision Kirby did. It would feel wrong to keep all of that money knowing that it was someone else's.

Plus I watch way too many action shows/movies.

I'd be asking myself, "Who's money is it? Why is the money in the cushions? Are they coming back for it? What if they do and I don't have it anymore? Will they take my cats and hold them for ransom?"

I clearly spend too much time watching TV and need to get out more.

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