This comes as no surprise based on what's been taking place with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We have seen countless protestors who are completely against war of any kind, especially a war taking place that has killed countless people, including women and children.

This crazy war has the world rattled and yet nothing is being done about stopping it. I don't know about you, buy it angers me to no end.

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So now a Michigan lawmaker is asking the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to stop buying Russian spirits.

If you've been keeping up on all the national news lately, people are dumping hundreds of bottles of Russian spirits in protest of this horrific invasion taking place in Ukraine.

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"Although these individual acts taken alone may not largely impact the Russian economy. We must all come together, and do everything we can to starve the Russian war machine and make it clear to this dictator that there will be retribution for his unconscionable act of totalitarianism," Yaroch said in a statement.

Even Governor Gretchen Whitmer is very angry about this unnecessary attack. I would have to say that most if not all of us

would agree with our governor.

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In response to Yaroch's letter, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission deferred to the governor for comment. The governor's office responded with a statement to MLive saying Whitmer is "appalled by the unprovoked attack" on Ukraine.

Not just here in Michigan, but several other U.S. governors have asked state run liquor stores to stop selling Russian spirits as well.

Dumping Russian spirits is taking place all across the United States. This is basically serving as a symbol.

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