Our state has a lot of people infected with COVID-19. The third most infected state with over 21 thousand cases and over a thousand reported deaths. Our neighbors to the north, Canada have 19,290 and 436 deaths. They have tested around the same amount of people, just over 50 thousand.

Our neighbors to the south, Ohio have 5,500 cases with a few more thousand tests than Michigan. If you look at the numbers here, it indicates people in Michigan are testing positive around 40 percent of the time.  (21,504 total cases from 52,866 reported tests)

There are a lot of infected people walking around that may not even have a cough and will NEVER get a fever. They are the silent spreaders. Experts predict there could be millions of them. Could you have already had it? Very possibly. Do you want to take a chance and spread it to family this Easter weekend? I'll be Snapchatting with my parents. Stay Safe! Stay Home.

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From Wuhan to New York City: A Timeline of COVID-19's Spread

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