Didja ever go geocaching? A good number of Michiganders have, and there are still a good number of people who don't know what it is.

It's a treasure hunt.....and anyone can do it. There is no real treasure to be found, just trinkets and memorabilia left by other geocachers...and it's up to you to find these little treasure troves that have been squirreled away. They are usually out of sight by 'normal' people who are out hiking trails, but since you're a geocacher, you know where to look.

Yeah? But what steps do we take?

Geocaching.com says first you need to download a geocache app...there are a good number of places online where you can do this. Once it's downloaded, open it up. It will show you any geocaches that are hidden close to where you are.

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Find the one that interests you the most, and the app will show you how to get to the general vicinity of the hidden cache. Once you get to the basic location, it's up to you to find the clues that will help your search. A geocache can be inside any shape or type of container: square, round, flat, wood, plastic, etc.

So you found it, right? It could be hidden under a bridge, behind a pole, next to a rock, by a river's edge, in the bushes.....almost anywhere. Open it up, and there are the items left by a former geocacher that are yours to keep, if you decide to. If you do, make sure you leave your own trinkets, and don't leave the container empty. Sign the logbook found inside and put it back where you found it. Log your findings in the app and keep track.

You can get addicted to this, as any geocacher will tell you...it's like the treasure hunt games we used to play as kids. The Michigan Geocaching site says it's for any group of people: “individuals and families, young and old, athletic and physically challenged, technological buffs and nature lovers, people from all walks of life”.

And the whole reason behind it? Again from Michigan Geocaching, it's purpose is to “share our interest in using modern technology (GPS and the internet) to encourage and foster an appreciation of the outdoors, and to promote good stewardship of the land and environment”.

I came across a geocache not long ago. Take a look at the photos below and see the one I found...it was pretty cool....it had a little unexpected surprise to it!

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