Sweethearts a favorite candy of Valentine's Day, due to them resembling hearts and having "love" sayings on them, but you won't be seeing them this year in stores. According to CandyStore.com, Sweethearts are one of the most bought candies on Valentine's Day, generating over $1 billion in sales, and according to them it's Michigan's favorite candy on the holiday. But this year when you are shopping for Valentine's Day candy you won't be seeing them, as the place that made them NECCO shut down last year putting a stop to them. In addition, even though NECCO has stopped making them there are other companies that are making these candies but they don't look the same as the original one made by NECCO.

So you won't be seeing Sweethearts in store this year but according to MLive, they could be back by 2020. The company that bought NECCO, Spangler, is looking to revive Sweethearts in time for 2020's Valentine's Day as they didn't have enough time to make it before this year's holiday.

You can see more about Sweethearts and other favorite candies across America for this year's Valentine's Day, here. 



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