What comes to mind when you think of drive-ins?

No, not a drive-in theater...
And no, not drive-THRUs...drive-INs.
A drive-THRU is just that...you pull up to a window, some invisible person takes your order, then you drive around the building to pay and pick it up. In, thru, and out.

A drive-IN is exactly what it says: you drive IN to the parking lot, pull your car into a slot, and a carhop would come out TO YOUR CAR and take your order. Incredible but true. About ten minutes later, your order would arrive. You'd roll up your car window halfway, the carhop would place the tray on the window, you pay, and eat in the seat. More than likely, you spilled food and drinks all over yourself and the car seat.

When I think of a classic drive-in, here's what comes to mind:
Oversized, thick burgers
Shakes and malteds
Crispy, greasy, tasty fries
Foot-long coneys
Chili-cheese dogs
Onion Rings
Tall cup of Coca-Cola
Rock 'n Roll blaring from all the cars
Car windows breaking from the weight of the window tray

Sure, there were plenty of other foods found at drive-ins: pizza, fried chicken, hush puppies...but a burger, fries and Coke was IT. I did a gallery of old Michigan drive-in restaurants a while back, and now here's another gallery. This time there are some photos of old Michigan drive-ins, but also some memorabilia and souvenirs from many of these old hangouts. Have a look below and see if any look familiar!

Michigan Drive-In Restaurants & Memorabilia


Vintage Hamburger Diners and Michigan's First Drive-in Restaurant

Vintage Cereals of The Battle Creek Food Company

Discontinued Post Cereals

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