There were dozens of pictures you sent us of your dog's best dog pose, so sit back and relax, like this dog, and check out some adorable pictures of Michigan dogs. Now it didn't matter the pose, your dog could be sleeping, eating, sitting pretty, or some other weird pose, we just wanted to see those pictures. We had close to 100 submissions and more are coming in, so thank you so much for that cause it brightened my day and hopefully after you see the gallery below it will for you. Also if you sent us a picture last week expect to see it in this gallery or next one tomorrow.

There were no dogs that were posing weirdly like my dog, and no one that tried to dog pose like I did here, but we still have tons of great dog poses below. If you would like to submit a pic of your dog you can on our app just by going to "Submit a Photo/Video" tab.

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