We have already seen snow this year, but there are some Michigan roadways that don't need any help. We all probably have a spot that we hate driving through. To some, the spot you hate might even seem like a cakewalk. There are a few spots in Michigan that are dangerous and no one is crazy about.

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If we start here in Lansing, then we have to include Grand River and Hagadorn. The intersection is responsible for 44 crashes. No real explanation as to why? It doesn't look like it is too rough, but looks are clearly deceiving.

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Grand River and Howard is another one that seems to cause some issues. It is responsible for over 40 crashes last year. It is easy to see where people might get confused, but it isn't hard if you pay attention.

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One of, if not, the most dangerous intersections in Michigan is in Fruitport Township. Harvey St and Sternberg Rd. In 2020, there were only 23 crashes there. That number jumped to 36 in 2021. All of that puts it pretty high up on the list.

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When it comes to highway intersections, there is one more dangerous than the rest. If you take 75 to the 94-96 interchange, you take a risk. It is a massive collection of concrete and lanes that makes for a difficult drive.

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When it comes to highways, I would think 75, 96, 23, or 127 would be one of the worst. In Michigan, it is US 31 that earns that honor. The most fatal accidents in the state happen on this highway. With the winter weather here, it is a good time to know which roads might cause the most issues. Pack a blanket and be careful out there.


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