Michigan Department of Transportation has revealed the states seven deadliest crash statistics and most of the causes of collisions are preventable.

They shared this life-saving message just ahead of the Labor Day Weekend, but the advice applies 365 days a year. "Driving requires your full attention. Put your phone down, wear your seat belt, watch for other road users, and always practice defensive driving."

Don’t become a statistic this holiday weekend. Driving requires your full attention. Put your phone down, wear your seat...

Posted by Michigan Department of Transportation on Friday, September 4, 2020

Nearly half of all crashes occurred with lane or road departure- often due to distracted driving. This further emphasizes the recent distinction between "accident" and "crash."

When we call something an "accident" it implies that no one is at fault and that no one, including the driver, bears responsibility for the outcome. The term "crash," on the other hand, is more specific in terms of the action's outcome without the unpreventable implication.


"Responsibility," it seems, is unpopular, but drivers bear plenty of the brunt of blame for crashes. You can bet a good chunk of that 46% were looking at their phones while driving. Driving while impaired is certainly irresponsible, and it's hard to believe that in this day and age, it still accounts for 39% of fatal wrecks. Also, I cannot believe that 1 on 5 people are not wearing their seat belt. Who are these people?

While the actions of other drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians are unpredictable, it seems that these statistics could be lowered and lives saved if more people took the responsibility of driving seriously. Take a complete look at Michigan's seven deadliest crash stats and you'll find that most crashes are not accidents.

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