It's not too surprising that with all the enterprising farmland in our state that there would be a boom of beans.....somewhere.....and there is.

The town of Kinde in Michigan's Thumb has been called “The Bean Capitol of the World” thanks to its production and distribution of pea beans. Where do you think you've been getting your navy beans from? These beans are much more than just being the musical's been a Michigan staple for well over 100 years.

Kinde was founded by John Kinde around 1880, just at the right time. Michigan's lumber trade was diminishing and farming was becoming the main source of capital. By 1882, Kinde had a general store, grain elevator, lumber yard, post office, and train station on the Port Huron & Northwestern Railroad.

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While beans are still keeping Kinde's well-deserved title alive, sugar beets have surpassed the pea beans as Kinde's biggest money-making crop.

5½ miles west of Kinde is the once-upon-a-town of Pinnebog. Except for a smattering of homes, Pinnebog is considered a quasi-ghost town, as you'll see if you click HERE.

So the next time you're eating a big heapin' helpin' of bean soup, think of where you most likely got 'em from.....a little Michigan town sitting all alone in Michigan's thumbnail.

Now take a look at some “then-and-now” photos of Kinde in the gallery below!



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