That first cuppa coffee with a tasty pastry on the side: doughnut, cruller, bear claw,  jelly roll, long john, fritter, bagel, muffin, cinnamon roll, pecan roll, Danish...whatever your choosing, you can thank your local baker for it.

What goes on in the day of a baker? By the time the bakery opens, the bakers have been up and at it for five hours already.....and while you're buying and eating their breakfast goodies, the bakers are already preparing lunchtime snacks. think all they do is make goodies? No way! They are constantly washing all the equipment, mixers, and utensils throughout the day and evening. Cleanliness in a bakery is super important.

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While smaller bakeries close in early-mid afternoon, the larger ones stay open until early evening. Another wipe-down, cleanup job and hopefully they get home to catch enough sleep in order to get up a few hours later.

Even though it sounds like a cool job - being around all those tasty treats – the heat gets brutal during the summer. Think about what bakers from over 100 years ago had to go through during air conditioning or any type of coolant to escape the hot sweaty ovens.

But we thank all of 'em, don't we? (Just before I wrote this I had a sweet roll!) So thanx, all you bakers out there who help us start the day sweetly and put us in a good mood... Now check out the gallery below of a handful of old Michigan bakers and bakeries from the 1900 thru 1960s!



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