Spoiler alert: EVERYONE DIES!!!

The State of Michigan is suing 17 companies for contaminating our state with PFAS.

What are PFAS? Click here to see the basic info from people smarter than me.

PFAS are man-made chemicals that cause major health issues to humans when they are exposed to them.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said the companies knew the health risks involved and covered it up anyway.

Some of the companies being sued are:

  • 3M
  • DuPont
  • The Chemours Co., a spinoff of DuPont, and subsidiary
  • The Chemours Co. FC LLX;
  • Corteva Inc., another DuPont spinoff;
  • Dyneon LLC;
  • Archroma entities;
  • Arkema entities;
  • AGC Chemicals Americas Inc.;
  • Daikin Industries entities;
  • Solvay Specialty Polymers, USA LLC; and
  • Asahi Kasei Plastics North America Inc.


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