You've been driving out in the countryside...possibly a countryside that you don't travel down often...and all of a sudden you spot a road sign that depicts a horse and buggy. Huh?

Of course, the majority of us knows what that means...that means there's an Amish farm or family living nearby and we must be cautious of slow moving horses & buggies. But to the uninformed or those too young to know what Amish living is all about, it is definitely an eye-opener, especially to those under the age of thirteen.

“Whaddaya mean they don't use the internet? Television? Electricity in general? Why do they reject electric power?” Well, the Amish really don't reject's the temptation to use it for certain things, like the internet, radios, and television. In other words, anything that connects them to the outlandish 'modern' world. The Amish are able to use power for the simpler things like lamps, irons, clocks, etc. Some use electric hookup, but most use generators.

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There are other misconceptions about the Amish.
1) They are not all farmers.
2) They DO pay taxes – state and federal but not Social Security, if they are self-employed.
3) The Amish also celebrate certain Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter...also Thanksgiving and New Year's.

It's a charming way to live and would not be understood by some of today's Gen-Xers.

You think you know what the inside of an Amish farmhouse looks like? Ya think so? Well, here's your chance to take a look at a Michigan Amish farmhouse and farm, inside and out, from top to bottom. I wonder if it's how you pictured it...have a look!

Inside An Amish Michigan Farmhouse


Michigan Water Towers

Michigamme, Michigan

Vintage Ludington

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